How to compete effectively against brands from major corporations?


How to compete effectively against brands from major corporations?


  • consumer and cultural insights
  • Łomża brand strategy
  • new product concepts
  • brand design
  • communication strategy


The strategy we developed intended to present Łomża as a beer from a small brewery and turn it into a leader among Polish regional beers. The positioning concept for Łomża was a response to the emerging trend whereby consumers abandon mass market foods, turning to less processed, authentic products with an interesting origin.

The brand energiser we designed, i.e. unpasteurised Łomża in a small bottle with an old-times design (resembling the designs from communist times), created a trend among opinion-making consumers to drink Łomża and paved the way for the main variant, Łomża Export.

The concept of a ‘small brewery with big beer’ served as a starting point for an effective advertising campaign developed by Brain and Testardo in collaboration with Touchideas.

Following the implementation of the new strategy, sales rose by more than 30 per cent per annum. This was the first marketing campaign in Poland to receive an award for both effective communication and product design.

How to energise a brand on its home market?

In its own region of north-eastern Poland, Łomża competes with national beer brands, which are heavily advertised and increasingly opt for price promotions. The brand faced the following challenge: how to strengthen the relationship with its consumers on the local market while having a significantly smaller marketing budget?

In order to put ourselves in the shoes of Łomża consumers, our team moved to Łomża for about two weeks. Discoveries from ethnographic observations and analysis of socio-cultural trends provided a starting point for a new strategy aimed at strengthening the regional identity of the brand.

The new strategy was coupled with a modified brand logo and a new packaging design. A couple wearing folk costumes from the Kurpie region returned to the fore. Following the change, Łomża distinguished itself against nationwide brands while retaining the image of an affordable beer for casual drinking.