Strategy and design of a new brand of fresh soups and meals


Strategy and design of a new brand of fresh soups and meals


  • brand strategy and brand creation
  • brand design
  • development of new products
  • packaging design
  • brand extension


Creating the brand

Paweł Urbanek created 100% natural fresh cream soups and was getting ready to bring them onto the market. He needed a brand that would present this novel product in an compelling way. Fresh cream soups are intended for people who want to eat light and healthy meals but have no time to cook. Conscious consumers look for products without added chemicals and read labels carefully.

Keeping in mind how distrustful such consumers are of marketing messages, we developed a brand that puts the product first. ‘Vegetables come first’ is the brand’s leitmotiv, which we translated into the company name: Pan Pomidor (Mr. Tomato) & Company and product branding (in English: Mr. Tomato & Basil, Ms. Carrot & Ginger, Mr. Broccoli & Spinach, etc.).

The packaging design highlights the benefits of the new soups: freshness, interesting combinations of ingredients and absence of artificial additives. Touchideas developed the marketing strategy, the overall design of the new brand and has been supporting Pan Pomidor in developing new products.

Developing Pan Pomidor’s portfolio

Vegetable cream soups by Pan Pomidor & Company made a successful market entry and paved the way for new products. We now develop the Pan Pomidor brand in the fresh ready-to-eat meals segment in line with the brand’s values: natural, fresh and rich in nutrients. All of the products put interesting flavour combinations and quality ingredients first.

Extending the brand onto new categories

Pan Pomidor is a pioneer in fresh convenience foods on the Polish market. It constantly works on new recipes and refines existing ones. Together with Touchideas, the brand is introducing novel products onto the market while expanding its portfolio.

‘We have great products and Touchideas has found a way to talk about them in an exciting way.’

– Paweł Urbanek, Founder of Pan Pomidor & Co.