Discovering an unmet need and creating a new offering


Discovering an unmet need and creating a new offering


  • exploration of tourists’ needs
  • behavioural segmentation
  • strategic workshops
  • brand strategy
  • new product concepts
  • conceptual design of the online store
  • branding recommendations

Before teaming up with Touchideas, Rainbow Tours was the fourth largest tour operator on the Polish market with a revenue of PLN 300 million. After implementing the new strategy, Rainbow Tours achieved a higher dynamics of revenues versus its key competitors, advancing to the second position among Polish tour operators. Five years later, Rainbow Tours’ revenues exceeded PLN 1 billion.

Growth Strategy

Rainbow Tours is a Polish travel agency with a strong position in the segment of touring trips to exotic countries. The tour operator wanted to attract customers who were looking for a vacation in mainstream holiday destinations.

In order to explore the purchasing process and the needs of holidaymakers during foreign trips, Touchideas conducted ethnographic research at the tour operator’s branches and in overseas resorts, as well as a number of quantitative market studies. This was then used to identify growth areas for Rainbow Tours.

During strategic workshops with the Rainbow Tours team, we developed a new brand positioning idea. Rainbow Tours’ new strategy addresses the changing needs of travelers who expect more and more of their holidays, want to make the most of their time and expect to return home enriched by new experiences. This is why they increasingly combine sun-drenched holidays with active vacationing.

Rainbow Tours has implemented a number of projects developed in collaboration with Touchideas: changes to the product offering, a new marketing communication, new amenities for tourists and changes in the way tours are sold.

Innovation in selling tours online

As part of the implementation of its new strategy, Rainbow Tours has entrusted us, among other things, with the redesign of their website.

The outcome of the project is a new online store with tours, a new shopping experience, a new look & feel of the website and a number of new online solutions to help customers choose the right tour

‘Touchideas helped us to spot market opportunities and introduce strategic innovations in our business.’

– Grzegorz Baszczyński, CEO of Rainbow Tours