We will facilitate the whole process together with your team: discover market gaps, develop new solutions and implement changes.


We create brands, energize them and assist in their market launch.

Brand Strategy

We develop strategies based on insights from many sources: market analysis, consumer research and cultural studies. We define brand values, the vision of growth for the brand, the brand personality and the key promise.


We take a holistic approach to building brands. We create strategies, brand names and designs. We also help in developing brand communication for market launch.

Brand Architecture

We define mutual relationships between brands within a portfolio to make sure the offering is clear and addresses the needs of various customer segments. We advise on which products will need to be the ‘workhorses’ for your business and which ones will revitalise your brand image.


We create solutions which move the users.

We design products and services

We put people and their needs at the heart. We prototype our ideas and test their impact on users. We make sure that new solutions are cost-effective and technologically feasible.

Design Thinking

We use the Design Thinking approach. It enables us to swiftly develop innovative solutions that create real value for users. We use this approach when designing new financial products, prototyping business models or new in-store customer experiences.

Research for Innovation

We anticipate market changes and discover needs that provide an opportunity to create new value for consumers. We use a number of research methods and tools, including ethnographic observation, trend analysis and learnings from other markets.


We help companies create new market space.

New Areas for Growth

We discover market opportunities and unmet consumer needs. We identify gaps in product offerings and help companies concentrate resources on the most promising areas for better business performance.

Innovation Strategy

We define development directions for brands, products or services as well as attractive areas for innovation. Then, we prepare briefs for new products.

Design Strategy

We set the stylistic direction for product development. We make sure that product offerings are distinct and consistent, matching the aesthetic preferences of the target groups.