combined power
of strategic thinking and creativity,
decades of experience

We are solution makers

we follow simple rules:
teamwork spirit
bold ideas, fact-based strategies
prototype and learn by doing
be good to people and to the planet
outstanding design only

our people

Bartek Serafiński
founding partner, strategy
A management board consultant with 22 years of experience in market strategy, brand building and innovation.
Wojtek Mierowski
founding partner, branding
Award winning leader, 25 years in the business. He dealt with Branding, Brand Strategy, Design, Corporate Identity and Product Identity.
Bartek Urbanke
brand strategy, business development
He leads projects combining the features of good planner, a strategist and creative thinker.
Monika Piątkowska
project management
Alex Grots
innovation consultant, partner
Helping companies to seize the opportunities and growth potential with design thinking approach.
Marta Szymkowiak
brand design
Designer and illustrator, experienced in brand design and visual communication.
Krzysztof Szwedowski
brand design
Krzysztof is a multidisciplinary designer and art director with the main focus on visual communication.
Paulina Zimnicka
office management
Paulina is our administration and financial support.
Marcin Krygier
brand design
He specializes in package design, branding, print, publishing, UI and Web design.
Marta Mąkolska
trend strategist, associate
An art book lover and wellness enthusiast. Strategist with a background in branding and graphic design.
Aleksandra Sowińska
project management
Reliable and well organised Project Manager who always keeps in mind that the key to efficient collaboration is a partnership-based relationship with the clients.
Maciek Biedziński
cultural insight, associate
An experienced cultural analyst and a brand semiotician.
Agnieszka Stefańska
retail design
One of the most recognized Polish interior designers, with range of projects including private, public and retail spaces.
Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski
retail design
In the design he likes variety of experiences, change, surprise.
Ludwik Lis
photographer, associate
Photographer, reporter, also known as STYLWARSZAWSKI
Joel Blanco
innovation design
He develops strategies and helps organizations to envision a brave new world.
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